race update:

(01/07/2021) The RUN828 Foundation is excited to announce Hellbender 100 is on for 2022! The date will be announced very soon. We are not hosting the race in 2021 due to the continued impacts of COVID-19. 


A note from our Race Director:


"The Hellbender 100 Mile Event is so much more than just a race to me. So why did I step away you may ask? The answer is simple; I didn't want to prevent the race from happening if someone felt comfortable putting it on in the time of a pandemic, and I knew I wasn't comfortable in doing so. As I said, Hellbender is so much more than just a race to so many. This event has brought the community together in a way that not many, of any type of event, can. People devote hours, days even, to this event. Their passion inspires others to help make this event something special and unique. While it pained me to step away, I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity The RUN828 Foundation has given me to say I will be back as Race Director for the 2022 edition of the race. Plans are under way and communications have already started to secure our 2022 race dates. It is our sincere hope to bring Hellbender back with some new ideas and slight course changes that will make this event an even more amazing experience than it was pre-pandemic. Get ready to be bent in 2022!"


-Aaron Saft, Hellbender Race Director

For any further questions, please contact Aaron at Hellbender100RD@gmail.com.


The Hellbender One Hundred is one of the most scenic hundred milers on the East Coast. This course will take you through a grueling tour of the massive Black Mountains, deep into the valleys below and to the summit of Mt. Mitchell, the highest mountain East of the Mississippi. With an elevation change of ~48,000+ ft, runners will experience some of the most challenging and beautiful trails in all of Western North Carolina. You'll not want to miss this premiere, graduate level hundred through the heart of Southern Appalachia! 


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