Pacers & Crews



All pacers must abide by the rules set forth below:

  1. One pacer per runner at a time

  2. Each pacer must sign a release form before participating

  3. Pacers must be 18 years of age or older

  4. Pacer bib must be visible at all times

  5. Pacers must check into and out of aid stations at the same time as their runner

  6. Pacers must stay within a 25 yard radius of the aid station when attending to their runner

  7. Pacers must stay with their runner at all times

  8. Changing of pacers can only happen at crew accessible locations

  9. Pacers cannot "mule" any items for their runner

  10. Pacers must follow any and all rules that are set forth for runners, including suggested gear requirements

Access Points

Crews are allowed to attend to their runner with resupply needs ONLY at specified crew access points along the course.  Crews must stay within a 25 yard radius of the aid station when attending to their runner.  Crew access points are below:

  1. Neals Creek Heliport (AS4) - 32.8

  2. Mt. Mitchell State Park (AS5) - 39.9 **

  3. Colbert's Creek Road (AS6) - 48.0

  4. Neals Creek Heliport (AS9) - 71.5​​***

  5. Curtis Creek Campground (AS10) - 80.1

Driving directions and parking instructions can be viewed and downloaded here.

Please obey all crew rules stated below or you risk disqualification of your runner during the event.

** Mt. Mitchell State Park closes at 6:30 PM. All crew/pacer vehicles must exit the park prior to closing time.

*** If you are planning to leave a car at Neals Creek (AS 9 mile 71.5), please park outside of the gate, and off the road. The gate has to locked per the USFS when the AS closes.


Crew Rules

All crew members must abide by the rules set forth below:

  1. A crew member is defined as a person who provides material support to a runner

  2. Crews can only meet and assist their runners at designated points on the course

  3. Crews must adhere to instructions of all aid personnel or race officials

  4. Crew must stay within a 25 yard radius of the aid station while attending to their runner

  5. Crew will be limited to one vehicle per aid station. Please display your crew vehicle card on the dashboard in plain view

  6. Crews must obey ALL speed limits

  7. Crews must never park in a way to block traffic, trailheads, or other cars. ALL four wheels must be off the roadway

  8. Littering is STRICTLY prohibited!

  9. Failure to follow rules will result in the disqualification of your runner